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    4028 automatic glass cutting machine

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    Taken the equipment frame: after aging treatment, ensure the surface deformation, and the accurate parallelism.

    Taken the cutting knife: turn 360 degrees of rotation of the cutting tools, cut up and down (to accurately cut any straight lines and various special-shaped glass)

    Taken the mesa: adopt waterproof panel. Can effective moistureproof, not out of shape.

    Felt: imported industrial felt good flatness, (high fiber and wool) and anti-static.

    Taken the positioning system, pneumatic machinery and photoelectric scanning positioning.

    Taken the oil way: pneumatic automatic oiling. And under the knife in sync,

    Mechanical parts

    Taken the bedplate: imported combet (flatness acuities were 0.20 mm/m).

    Rack/guide: Japan KHK

    Taken the knife wheel/wheel clamp: Germany bo le.

    Rinou copy

    Use industrial industrial computer into control, Microsoft Windows interface.

    Taken the voltage: 380 v / 50 hz. With the pressure equipment.

    Motor yaskawa servo motor (abnormity and linear cutting effect is very good).

    Guide: silver on Taiwan

    Rack: KHK

    Taken the proximity switch: omron

    Taken the control card: treasure.

    Taken the main electric elements: omron and schneider.

    Taken the pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC


    Po lun cutting software and optimization software (optional)

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