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    Semi-automatic Glass Cutting Machine

    3826 semi-automatic glass cutting machine

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    The product description

    Semi-automatic twinbridge overpass type fine close table of multiple blade cutting with high efficiency, the advantages of accurate precision, suitable for large plate glass one-time change to cut into small pieces. Automatic device on the machine just press the control panel, stepping motor driven dual beam automatic cutting, cutting build automatically after the completion of course.

    The working principle of

    Double beam moving cutting method

    (1) walking part: two-way linear movement for the X, Y axis, the X axis stepper motor to drive slowly into the cut, the beam for the speed cutting after the completion of the fast return to the origin of workpiece, then Y to work in the same way.

    (2) cutting part: X, Y cutting beam on each equipped with a number of cutting knife box, can adjust the distance between the arbitrary. Realization of cut glass size change

    (3) all of the above action way PLC central control, display in Chinese liquid display, direct input control data.

    The basic parameters:

    Cutting maximum size: 37000 * 2500 (mm) (special specifications can be customized according to customer needs)

    Cutting the minimum size: 20 x 20 (mm) (special specifications can be customized according to customer needs)

    Work surface: 3800 x 2600 (mm)

    Cutting thickness: 2-19 mm

    Operator: 1-2 people

    Cutting efficiency: 1-2 large/min

    Cutting parallel: + / - 0.15 mm or less

    The diagonal: + / - 0.50 mm or less

    Fan power: 4.5 kw

    The motor power: 1.75 kw

    Scope of application

    Suitable for furniture, electrical glass, building curtain wall glass, hollow glass deep processing operations.

    The company new type of semi-automatic cutting table compared with the same industry products has the following advantages:

    (1) cutting table run motor adopts imported high power stepping motor (25 n. m) and drive, speed torque, no noise, the braking performance is wonderful.

    (2) LCD intelligent controller adopts the most advanced industrial control technology abroad, do the man-machine operation in Chinese way, make the operator more intuitive and convenient. May be changed according to the requirements of the glass glass cutting any trip distance and speed. Design the slow rise knife, flexible contact, return automatically find, blow the glass edge suction multiple functions such as automatic conversion. Display 64 x 128 liquid show Chinese characters, can be directly display the current operating parameters, modifying parameters, a key function, through the system parameters change, can make its display is the actual value.

    (3) the machine set has a single X, Y, a single XY soft key switch automatically, and outside the box set of button switch, easy to operate.

    (4) the machine frame is made of high qualified steel welding, and take measures to eliminate the deformation stress platform in the United States imported plastic board laid, optical axis for the imported materials, linear bearing for ABB products.

    (5) the cutting accuracy of 0.15 mm/m or less, diagonal + / - 0.5 mm/m or less

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