• UV Flat Printer

    The machine is suitable for any material, the compatibility surface is extremely extensive. UV ink, to meet the multi-purpose industrial production. The machine uses the Ricoh nozzle, the printing precision is high, the stability is strong. No Seihan, fast printing and low cost. Supports multiple file formats. One step to complete, You can take it after printing,no need wait. at same time . To meet the needs of quick samples and finished products. Unit piece printing, large quantities can be matched template printing, time-saving effort. Full-color image, completed one time. Progressive color can be the photo quality effect, positioning accuracy, low scrap rate.

    Technical Parameters

    1.Max Printing size :3000x2000MM

    2.Max Printing thickness :80M

    3.Printing Accuracy360DPI*720DPI*1440DPI *2880DPI,etc.

    4.Printing Speed0-222m/h