• Semi-automatic glass cutting lines



    Composition: fully automatic glass machine + semi-automatic glass cutting machine, automatic break off the machine

    Introduction: the assembly line is my company for solar energy, electric glass industries such as safe, fast, accurate requirements for the design and manufacture, the artificial no technical requirements, high cutting precision.


    Security: manual, safety efficiently and save artificial.

    Accuracy: cutting accuracy + / - 0.10 mm or less, meet all kinds of bulk glass cutting accuracy requirement.

    Efficiency: what a knife cut out the finished product.

    Practicability: without manual operation, the whole line need only two ordinary workers

    Scope: construction, hollow doors and Windows, household appliances, solar energy, such as glass lenses, arts and crafts glass straight line cutting operation.

    Model: RF series semi-automatic cutting line


    Production of glass types: automobile glass, construction glass, decorative glass, aviation glass, appliance glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, toughened glass, hot bending glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, hot melt glass, float glass, ultra clear float glass, rolled glass, ultra-thin glass, glass-ceramics, endothermic glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, quartz glass, optical glass, art glass, special glass, high temperature resistant glass, the other

    Processing custom

    Dimension: according to the glass size order

    Machinery categories: glass cutting machine

    Production type: float glass production line

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