• 3826 automatic glass cutting machine


    Machine Features 

    On the basic performance: this machine can automatically, automatic cutting, and can free to walk through the remote control command in the workshop, save manpower, safety risk free, form a complete set of advanced mechanical structure in treasure Aaron or micro quick cutting and system optimization software, greatly improving the stability of the cutting machine and glass cutting quality and optimize the rate. To realize automatic on a piece of glass, automatic cutting, automatic positioning, automatic optimization and break off the piece of work.

    Special point

    The machine cover an area of an area small, simple and safe operation, high speed precision, use the remote control command the random walk in the workshop, high ratio of high security, high cutting rate, good stability, complete function, more save manpower, etc.

    Scope of application

    Architectural glass, automotive glass, craft glass, round piece of glass, decorative glass, ambry glass, coated glass, appliance glass, solar glass, kitchen, bathroom glass, glass lens, arts and crafts glass, spell mirror glass and other glass cutting operation.

    Machine Main Configurations 

    Using industrial industrial computer into control, Microsoft Windows interface.

    Voltage: 380 v / 50 hz. With the pressure equipment.

    Motor: yaskawa servo motor (abnormity and linear cutting effect is very good).

    Guide: Taiwan on silver

    Rack: KHK

    Proximity switch: panasonic

    The GALIL control card: the United States

    Main electric elements: chint.

    Pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC

    Technical Parameters 

    1, Mechanical parameters

    Can cut glass maximum size: 3750 * 2600 mm

    Taken the bench height: 900 + 50 mm.

    Taken the equipment weight: 3.3 T.

    Taken the cutting thickness: 2 ~ 19 mm

    2, Cutting parameters

    straight parallel: 0.20 mm/m

    Taken the diagonal accuracy: 0.20 mm/m (above precision accuracy of cutting wire before snapping piece shall prevail)

    Taken the cutting bridge speed: 0 ~ 160 m/min. (adjustable)

    Cut 3.0 m/s squared acceleration or greater

    Painted frame speed 150 m/min or more of the cutting tools

    Taken the cutting head acceleration acuity 6.0 m/s squared

    Taken the air-flotation transmission

    Taken the cutting head position precision error is 0.15 mm or less

    3, power

    Taken the installed power supply requirements: 380 v / 50 hz

    Taken the actual power equipment: 19.9 KW.

    Taken the compressed air: 0.6 PA.