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      Technology research and development team quality guaranteed

      · Experienced technical research and development personnel, with product research and development for a long time experiment, efforts to provide customers with satisfactory products;

      · On the basis of the original glass processing equipment, and constantly update products performance, guarantee the quality of the product and price.

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      The product is complete Wide range of application

      · Key development glass cutting machine, automatic cross cutting machine such as glass machinery products, and is now on the production technology has a higher level;

      · The product application scope is quite widespread, it is suitable for all kinds of glass cutting, edge grinding, cleaning. Meet the needs of all kinds of glass processing enterprises.

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      Private ordering service is perfect

      · According to the customer's production and processing way custom belongs to your glass processing equipment, and after the installation is complete debugging and technical guidance and training technical personnel;

      · Set up dedicated after-sales service department, to provide one-stop service for you, let you have no trouble back at home.

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